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Base Two is an award winning design agency

Design with an edge

Welcome. We’re an award-winning, full-service design agency passionate about cutting-edge design. Using our skill, insight and understanding, we produce beautifully crafted communication that delivers exceptional results.

The edge is what we deliver and how we think. It’s an attitude that runs through our agency. You’ll find it in every member of our team and at the heart of everything we produce.

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Base Two Design Edge

The Edge

Our strategic and creative development process is a journey of discovery to find that one thing that makes

your brand special. We call this journey the edge TM . It is robust and rigorous and will help you identify your

point of difference, which we can then help you communicate to your audience.


Thinking strategically

Great results don’t just happen – they require a strategic approach to solving a problem. We work in

partnership with you to develop innovative solutions that deliver on your strategic objectives and ensure your

communications have an edge.

Smart design thinking and comprehensive research is integral to our approach
to problem solving no matter

the size, type or scope of the project. Our internal development process, the edge TM , is based on the

following key principles:


1. Knowledge acquisition (discovery)

This is where we meet the primary stakeholders of the project to discover everything we can, including: key

insights into your target audience(s), understanding the region and its core values and any valuable research

outcomes. Additional outcomes of the meeting will be:

- Confirmation of the respective teams, introductions, backgrounds, roles and responsibilities

- To discuss and agree the most appropriate lines of communication and confirm the communication expectations of both teams

- To introduce Base Two Design via a short informal presentation focusing on key business insights

- Deepen our understanding of your organisation through a brand familiarisation question and answer session

- Getting to know each other will start the relationship in a positive and enjoyable way

- This initial meeting ‘breaks the ice so we can focus on your requirements going forward


2. Planning (scoping)

Here we scope the project and plan our strategies for answering the brief.


3. Creation (the big idea)

Research and development of the creative solution.

4. Presentation of design concepts (the big reveal)

Base Two Design will meet with you to present the proposed concepts. A visual representation of the

concepts and rationale for the approach will be explained to you.

Following the presentation Base Two Design will

- Request feedback on the design concepts

- Iterate and develop the design concepts as required

- Present amended design concepts based on feedback.


5. Testing (does the idea cut the mustard)

Refinement and testing of the creative solution with both client and target audience to ensure its effectiveness.


6. Implementation (channels to market)

Finally, we implement the creative solution across the various touch points and media channels.

Our edge TM process


About Greensock

here is a special breed of developer/designer with a passion for building experiences, not just static interfaces. They won’t settle for simple rollovers and a few fadeins/fadeouts sprinkled throughout their projects. They sweat the details. For them, success isn’t measured by “does it work?” but rather “is it a joy to use? Does it pleasantly surprise and captivate?” They’re students of their craft, pushing the limits and chasing excellence. They’re rarely satisfied with their own work, but that’s what makes them good. The screen is their playground.

That special breed is precisely who we aim to serve. Having been in the trenches for over 14 years, we understand the unique challenges that developers face.

One of the most common frustrations we encounter is the lack of reliable, well-crafted, and robust code that could be consistently used across projects. Sure, there were open source options and code snippets on blogs but most of them were either abandoned, inefficient, anemic, obtuse, bloated, or riddled with bugs. The commercial components we saw were largely built for novices, lacking professional-grade flexibility or performance. So we set about the task of crafting the tools we craved. When we shared them with the community, the response was nothing short of astounding.

We’re obsessed with making the tools better and we're committed to supporting the community that has grown to love our tools almost as much as we do.