Editorial & Books

Bridget Williams Books

We provide a complete design service to BWB – taking care of everything from brand management and marketing to web and digital design – and of course traditional book design. 

We design unique covers and internal layouts for BWB's broad range of New Zealand history titles, and have also developed cost-effective templates for their digital books, including the very collectible BWB Texts series.

Editorial & Books

New Zealand Film: an illustrated history

The New Zealand Film Archive and Te Papa published New Zealand Film with the vision that it should be THE book on New Zealand film – with every library and film course in New Zealand using it as the point of reference. While the content has academic standing, the book does not look academic: it is lively, insightful and entertaining.

Editorial & Books

Five Māori Painters

A catalogue for the Auckland Art Gallery exhibition Five Māori Painters, this book seeked to reposition Māori painting by offering an understanding of its early origins and by looking at how painting traditions have persisted while also undergoing continual development. The connection of contemporary artistic expression to past practice informed the development of the exhibition identity and publication design. The work of Māori carvers who included typography within their practice gave particular inspiration to the typeface design – as did the traditions of whakairo raranga, tāniko and tukutuku.

Advertising & Marketing

Smoking Not Our Future

We worked with the Health Promotion Agency (formerly Health Sponsorship Council) on their successful youth targeted smoking cessation campaign – ‘Smoking, Not Our Future’ over a seven year period. This campaign was targeted towards adolescent behavioural change and developed across multiple channels including television, cinema, print, outdoor media, digital media, social media and marketing events.

“Base Two are extremely responsive and genuinely understand our needs, as well as understanding the environment within which we operate as a Crown Owned Entity. I would recommend Base Two as a creative agency.”

Susie Robertson | Health Promotion Agency

Corporate Communications

New Zealand Customs Service

Responsible for protecting New Zealand communities from potential risks arising from international trade and travel, The NZ Customs Service also facilitates the legitimate movement of people and goods across New Zealand borders. Working closely with the internal communications team as trusted advisors we ensure the quality and consistency of the Customs’ brand and corporate messaging through the design and delivery of a broad range of compelling, brand-led communications. These include corporate collateral, advertising, information design, signage and wayfinding, and a range of other strategic and promotional documents as required.

Editorial & Books

Tangata Whenua

Bridget Williams Books publishing masterpiece Tangata Whenua: An Illustrated History charts the sweep of Māori history from ancient origins to the twenty-first century. Through narrative and images, it offers a striking overview of the past, grounded in specific localities and histories. 

The largest and most complex publication we have designed, Tangata Whenua called upon all of our team’s creative and production expertise to realise. The design brings culture, history and science together in a highly structured yet vibrant journey through time.

‘One of the most significant books on the Māori world ever written, this is the sort of generous canvas on which we can paint our future.’ 

Sir Tipene O’Regan 

Editorial & Books

Fiona Pardington: A Beautiful Hesitation

Fiona Pardington’s thirty-year career encompasses many diverse approaches to photography. The challenge for this book for City Gallery Wellington and Victoria University Press was to create an identity and publication that honored her strident and unique vision. The title, A Beautiful Hesitation, provided the final direction – one that tapped into the rich romanticism of her practice. Each chapter begins with a feature page that brings together a title, quotation or image and unique pattern fashioned from typographic fleurons, which also feature on the endpapers and wrap around the book’s spine. This is the design’s romantic flourish.

The large format printed publication is accompanied by apps for iPad and smartphone that retain all of the printed book’s qualities and embellishments.

Social Media


SunSmart’s youth campaign ‘Don’t let the sun get under your skin’ was a social marketing campaign targeted at reducing the incidence and impact of skin cancer while also positioning sun protection as desirable and acceptable amongst teens. Using Facebook predominantly the campaign used competitions and champion youth surfers to reach out to their target audience. 

“Base Two have helped us design and kick-off an excellent youth campaign and have proved to be more like a partner than a service provider” 

Wayde Beckman Health Promotion Agency

Digital Books

Neil Pardington - The Order of Things

The Order of Things Digital Book - In 2004 Neil Pardington began a series of images investigating the back rooms and storage areas of museums, art galleries and hospitals. The first body of work he produced was titled The Clinic, the second series was The Vault and his third group of works is The Order of Things: wet room specimens held in the storage areas of the Auckland Museum. The application is both Apple OS and Android compatible and works both on mobile phones and tablets

Digital Books

Fiona Pardington - A Beautiful Hesitation

A Beautiful Hesitation Digital Book is the most comprehensive survey of Fiona Pardington’s work to date spanning thirty years of her practice. It delves deeply into the photographer’s archive presenting many of her early images for the first time. The application is both Apple OS and Android compatible and works both on mobile phones and tablets

Mobile Apps

CAA - Graph My Flights

Graph My Flights is a tool for Aviation Pilots that allows them to review their own flying. The tool collects the data and maps the results so pilots can see if they are improving over time. The application works on both Apple OS and Android and has been very well received by its target audience.

Mobile Apps

NZ Customs - What's my Duty

NZ Customs - What's my Duty
This application was developed to allow travellers and importers to work out the duty of the products they wish to import into New Zealand. It has a constant currency feed, so it uses the latest currency values when calculating the costs. It can deal with multiple currencies and a wide range of products. The tool also explains the Tobacco laws and informs users when they require special permits to import certain goods. It is both Apple OS and Android compatible.

Mobile Apps

CAA - Fuel Calculator

CAA 's Fuel Calculator allows pilots to choose their aircraft type and work out how much fuel they should be carrying to be as safe as possible.

Mobile Apps

CAA - Weather Diary

CAA Weather Diary - Amateur pilots can go several weeks between flights, which means they need to have a deeper knowledge of the weather needed to safely fly. This weather diary allows the pilot to predict the weather and compare this to the actual weather, improving their knowledge and assessment all the time. The application is both Apple OS and Android compatible.

Mobile Apps

CAA - Met Decoder

Met Decoder - Pilots receive weather reports such as TAF and METAR coded weather reports to review while planning their flight. Because the TAF/MATAR is written in a form of code, pilots frequently make mistakes. The Met Decoder allows the users to type in or paste in a TAF/METAR that can be decoded at a push of a button. The application is both Apple OS and Android compatible.

Mobile Apps

CAA - Here & Now Occurrence Report

Here & Now Occurrence Report app enables pilots to monitor incidents or occurrences during flight such as bird strike or close flying aircraft. The pilot switches the app on before take off and if an incident or occurrence happens the pilot simply clicks the large screen button on the phone.

The application records the GPS co-ordinates and altitude that makes the reporting of incidences simple. The application is both Apple OS and Android compatible.

Advertising & Marketing

Kahu Ora

This showcased the world’s largest collection of Māori cloaks – among the most precious taonga (treasures) to Māori and stunning in their artistry and diversity. Living cloaks, they carry powerful stories of their weavers and wearers and are a continuing link between ancestors and descendants. We had a diverse audience to connect with: from Māori of all iwi and age groups to international tourists and fashion and textile enthusiasts. Our challenge was to devise a campaign that took precious collection items that, while inherently beautiful, had historically been imaged as static inaccessible museum pieces, and give them a compelling contemporary voice.

Information Design


This is a site for national memories and identity – a site to honour those involved in and impacted by wars of the past, present and future.

History and responsibility to the future guided the development of the identity and wayfinding system for the park. The simple wordmark is elegant and understated and realised in materials that compliment those used in the landscaping and architecture of the park.


Rita Angus: Life & Vision

Many of Rita Angus’s works have helped to form part of our visual identity as New Zealanders. The 200 works in the exhibition reveal the themes of identity, spirituality and nature that were central to her vision, and show how her commitment to pacifism and her strong feminist beliefs profoundly influenced her work.

Te Papa's Tower Gallery was divided in plan to create twelve rooms: an entry and assembly area, a reading area and ten exhibition rooms – one for each period of Angus’ artistic output. Single entry and exit points ensured visitors would experience the exhibition in correct chronological order. The design was inspired by the work of ‘Christchurch Modern’ architect Paul Pascoe, who converted a cottage of his own design into a studio for Angus. The signature architectural element in the exhibition was in the form of portals projecting 


Te Tari Tohorā o Waitohi National Whale Centre

Housed in Picton, this is an information and development hub that will eventually spawn satellite container-based displays throughout New Zealand. The space, while ideally placed on the Picton waterfront, presented challenges for an exhibition with its unusual footprint and largely glass frontage with stunning panoramic views of the harbour. Internal walls with integrated displays were constructed to hold lightweight display panels that can be easily reproduced for other hubs. Changing content was also developed for interactive iPad and video presentations.


World War One - A Contemporary Conversation

A hundred years on, the effects of World War One continue to be felt in large parts of the world. World War One: A Contemporary Conversation looks at the period 1914 to 1918 and also considers the urgent subject of war today. This is told through diaries, letters, and other documents drawn from the collections of the Alexander Turnbull Library and Archives New Zealand. With the content of this exhibition focused largely on photography and the written word the relationship between image and text became central to the design. Bespoke display cases were developed to house the delicate documents, diaries and original photographs. 


Miles - A Life in Architecture

This exhibition for Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu was conceived to coincide with Miles’ 80th birthday, and the Ellerslie Flower Show. It followed Miles’ outstanding architectural career while also featuring his work as an architectural watercolourist and garden designer. The exhibition was primarily made up of photographs, architectural drawings and watercolours – but was also supported by architectural models and video interviews.

Corporate Communications

Chamber Music New Zealand: 2016 Season Brochure

As Chamber Music New Zealand’s chosen design partner, we are responsible for the design and delivery of their Annual Season brochure, which along with their website, is a key promotional and communications tool for the organisation. By combining collage and linear shape repetition throughout the 2016 brochure we created dynamic visual assemblages that engage with the reader in a highly gestural manner.

Brand & Identity

Whanau Parenting Tips

Health Promotion Agency – Whānau Parenting Tips for Tamariki

This is a Facebook application-based discussion group targeting Māori parents. Users can join discussions and upload images and videos to share their experiences using both the Facebook page and a website. 

Brand & Identity

Pukeahu National War Memorial Park

Pukeahu National War Memorial Park is a site for national memories and identity – a site to honour those involved in and impacted by wars of the past, present and future.

History and responsibility to the future guided the development of the identity and wayfinding system for the park. The simple wordmark is elegant and understated and realised in materials that compliment those used in the landscaping and architecture of the park.

Brand & Identity

Ngā Taonga Sound + Vision

Ngā Taonga Sound + Vision - We led the naming and brand development for this new national archive, formed by bringing together the New Zealand ‘Film’, ‘Sound’ and ‘Television’ archives.

The takarangi double spiral – used to adorn waka huia, waka taurapa (stern post), and tauiho (prow) – provided the visual inspiration for the identity. Combined with an eye it creates an arresting and memorable icon, and a powerful and fitting metaphor for the collection.

Brand & Identity

Hermes New Zealand

Hermes began its life as a glove manufacturer in 1940 and has grown into a manufacturer of upmarket handbags and importer of a wide range of fashion and lifestyle goods. 

They wanted to develop a new identity that positioned the company at the top end of the contemporary fashion accessories market while still reflecting the proud history and roots in 1940s fashion. The bespoke, cursive script reflects the importance of style and quality to the company. The style of the lettering also links the Hermes of today to their 1940s roots: a contemporary take on the glamour of ‘40s fashion. The supporting illustration speaks of the hand-tooled designs often used by Hermes on their leather goods.

Brand & Identity

Chamber Music New Zealand

The largest presenter of top quality chamber music concerts throughout New Zealand, Chamber Music NZ exists to develop, nourish, and support New Zealanders to create and experience live chamber music. We felt that a kaleidoscope was the perfect mechanism to tell this story and also act as a lens into the organisation. It references the individual nature of how the audience participates and interprets the unique sights and sounds of a chamber music performance.

Brand & Identity

Art & Object Brand

Art + Objects auction house is arguably the most prominent auction house for fine arts in New Zealand today, but when we first met Ben, Hamish, James and Ross they were in the start-up phase of their ambitious dream. We joined their team in the planning phase to develop the name and brand – which in their words would be ‘contemporary and timeless with a visual hook’.



Fusion5 is a business applications company delivering world class solutions across key functional areas of an organisation including Enterprise Resource Planning, HR / Payroll, Customer Experience, Customer Relationship Management, IT Service Management and Technology & Enterprise Architecture.

Base Two has been working with Fusion 5 since the original directors set up the business 10 years ago. We originally branded the company when it was just four directors and have been managing all of their websites in all their many iterations ever since. We host their 5 websites and provide day-to-day support to their web team as the website changes on almost a daily basis. 

"Base Two are always incredibly responsive and able to determine what we need even though deal with up to four people in my team at any one time. They make sure we understand changes that are being made and ensure we are able to update our website ourselves where we can! They have such an awesome skill set across the many different requirements we have from building HTML emails to SEO advice to mobilising our website."
Ashleigh Ross | Marketing & Events


Zephyr Consulting Ltd

An independent Kiwi-owned company specialising in the provision of business and information technology consulting services to the public and private sectors in Wellington. Zephyr use their website to communication with their clients and prospective clients as well as an information portal to their staff. We host this website and provide day-to-day support to their web team. We also work with the Zephyr team to develop and implement their social media marketing and campaign strategies. This website was built using an Open Source CMS solution.


Silvester Clark

A structural engineering company working throughout New Zealand and internationally we designed and developed this responsive website including its information architecture and the overall user experience (UX). A key requirement of the website is to inform potential clients of their full range of services, depth of capabilities and to showcase the wide variety of work that they have produced to date. This website was built using an Open Source CMS solution.


Ngai Tahu – Tairakau

A website developed for the Ngai Tahu iwi. It provides a set of tools to assist iwi members to manage their debt by educating them on general budgeting and financial planning. The website offers a 14 Day challenge where iwi members record everything they have purchased and can then rate them as must haves and, or nice to haves. Once the data has been collated there are a series of planning and budgeting tools that show how careful management of funds is important when budgets are tight. This website has been extremely successful gaining high praise from the minister of Maori affairs. We host this website and provide day-to-day support to their internal web team. It was built using an Open Source CMS solution.


NZ Customs Contraband Magazine

Contraband is an online magazine for the Customs staff. The magazine has articles that highlights N.Z. Customs’ successes, changes in procedure and the introduction of technology.

We host the website and provide day-to-day support to their communication team for this tool and a number of iPhone/Android apps we have developed for them.

This website was built using an Open Source CMS solution.