Digital Design - Websites, Mobile Apps and Social Media Campaigns

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs - Founder of Apple Computers

The digital revolution is transforming how we connect and communicate. We understand the digital world and how to create a heightened digital experience. We create websites, mobile applications and social media campaigns that stand out from the crowd and influence behaviour.

Staying relevant in our digital age can seem overwhelming. A basic website is no longer enough. You need social media to market your products and services and everything must work on mobile phones and tablets. We can help you navigate this vast digital world and offer a wide range of digital services and solutions to give your brand the edge.

Open source applications

We are keen supporters of open source applications; this means that you don’t need to pay expensive license fees for anything we build on your behalf. When building websites, we use the three most popular tools, Silverstripe, Drupal and WordPress and create them to the world standards (W3C) so they are not only future proofed but are as user friendly as possible.

Supporting key platforms

We develop mobile applications for both Apple and Android phones. Look through our website to see some great examples of this work. Our mantra is to create easy to use, beautiful looking applications that work on the majority of mobile phones and digital devices. 

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