In today’s digital world, creating websites that work well has never been harder. With the plethora of cheap tools available that provide little real value, it’s difficult for business owners to understand what it takes to create websites that really work.

Websites have to work on search engines like Google, be responsive (work seamlessly on different devices), and be as user friendly as possible. Websites need to use language that their target audience understands so the users can navigate easily to the pages they are looking for. That’s one of the things that we do best.



Fusion5 is a business applications company delivering world class solutions across key functional areas of an organisation including Enterprise Resource Planning, HR / Payroll, Customer Experience, Customer Relationship Management, IT Service Management and Technology & Enterprise Architecture.

Base Two has been working with Fusion 5 since the original directors set up the business 10 years ago. We originally branded the company when it was just four directors and have been managing all of their websites in all their many iterations ever since. We host their 5 websites and provide day-to-day support to their web team as the website changes on almost a daily basis. 

"Base Two are always incredibly responsive and able to determine what we need even though deal with up to four people in my team at any one time. They make sure we understand changes that are being made and ensure we are able to update our website ourselves where we can! They have such an awesome skill set across the many different requirements we have from building HTML emails to SEO advice to mobilising our website."
Ashleigh Ross | Marketing & Events


Zephyr Consulting Ltd

An independent Kiwi-owned company specialising in the provision of business and information technology consulting services to the public and private sectors in Wellington. Zephyr use their website to communication with their clients and prospective clients as well as an information portal to their staff. We host this website and provide day-to-day support to their web team. We also work with the Zephyr team to develop and implement their social media marketing and campaign strategies. This website was built using an Open Source CMS solution.


Silvester Clark

A structural engineering company working throughout New Zealand and internationally we designed and developed this responsive website including its information architecture and the overall user experience (UX). A key requirement of the website is to inform potential clients of their full range of services, depth of capabilities and to showcase the wide variety of work that they have produced to date. This website was built using an Open Source CMS solution.


Ngai Tahu – Tairakau

A website developed for the Ngai Tahu iwi. It provides a set of tools to assist iwi members to manage their debt by educating them on general budgeting and financial planning. The website offers a 14 Day challenge where iwi members record everything they have purchased and can then rate them as must haves and, or nice to haves. Once the data has been collated there are a series of planning and budgeting tools that show how careful management of funds is important when budgets are tight. This website has been extremely successful gaining high praise from the minister of Maori affairs. We host this website and provide day-to-day support to their internal web team. It was built using an Open Source CMS solution.


NZ Customs Contraband Magazine

Contraband is an online magazine for the Customs staff. The magazine has articles that highlights N.Z. Customs’ successes, changes in procedure and the introduction of technology.

We host the website and provide day-to-day support to their communication team for this tool and a number of iPhone/Android apps we have developed for them.

This website was built using an Open Source CMS solution.