Advertising & Marketing


New technologies and the accessibility of information in the digital age is changing how we connect, communicate and deliver our brands to the world. We create advertising and marketing solutions for all forms of media, from digital to print, and screen to billboard. Our aim is to design and deliver compelling advertising and marketing solutions that engage your audience and give your brand the competitive edge. We think strategically about the best channels to connect to your audience and communicate your messages via innovative, targeted, design solutions.

Advertising & Marketing

Smoking Not Our Future

We worked with the Health Promotion Agency (formerly Health Sponsorship Council) on their successful youth targeted smoking cessation campaign – ‘Smoking, Not Our Future’ over a seven year period. This campaign was targeted towards adolescent behavioural change and developed across multiple channels including television, cinema, print, outdoor media, digital media, social media and marketing events.

“Base Two are extremely responsive and genuinely understand our needs, as well as understanding the environment within which we operate as a Crown Owned Entity. I would recommend Base Two as a creative agency.”

Susie Robertson | Health Promotion Agency

Advertising & Marketing

Kahu Ora

This showcased the world’s largest collection of Māori cloaks – among the most precious taonga (treasures) to Māori and stunning in their artistry and diversity. Living cloaks, they carry powerful stories of their weavers and wearers and are a continuing link between ancestors and descendants. We had a diverse audience to connect with: from Māori of all iwi and age groups to international tourists and fashion and textile enthusiasts. Our challenge was to devise a campaign that took precious collection items that, while inherently beautiful, had historically been imaged as static inaccessible museum pieces, and give them a compelling contemporary voice.