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We design books for art galleries, museums and publishers across many genres from non-fiction on art and history titles, to novels and poetry. We offer a complete design and publishing service for seasoned professionals or first-time publishers. Our extensive knowledge in design and printing processes, here and offshore, ensures your project is realised to the highest creative and technical standards.  

We can also transform your printed book into an interactive application for tablet and smartphone: see our Digital Books here

Editorial & Books

Bridget Williams Books

We provide a complete design service to BWB – taking care of everything from brand management and marketing to web and digital design – and of course traditional book design. 

We design unique covers and internal layouts for BWB's broad range of New Zealand history titles, and have also developed cost-effective templates for their digital books, including the very collectible BWB Texts series.

Editorial & Books

New Zealand Film: an illustrated history

The New Zealand Film Archive and Te Papa published New Zealand Film with the vision that it should be THE book on New Zealand film – with every library and film course in New Zealand using it as the point of reference. While the content has academic standing, the book does not look academic: it is lively, insightful and entertaining.

Editorial & Books

Five Māori Painters

A catalogue for the Auckland Art Gallery exhibition Five Māori Painters, this book seeked to reposition Māori painting by offering an understanding of its early origins and by looking at how painting traditions have persisted while also undergoing continual development. The connection of contemporary artistic expression to past practice informed the development of the exhibition identity and publication design. The work of Māori carvers who included typography within their practice gave particular inspiration to the typeface design – as did the traditions of whakairo raranga, tāniko and tukutuku.

Editorial & Books

Tangata Whenua

Bridget Williams Books publishing masterpiece Tangata Whenua: An Illustrated History charts the sweep of Māori history from ancient origins to the twenty-first century. Through narrative and images, it offers a striking overview of the past, grounded in specific localities and histories. 

The largest and most complex publication we have designed, Tangata Whenua called upon all of our team’s creative and production expertise to realise. The design brings culture, history and science together in a highly structured yet vibrant journey through time.

‘One of the most significant books on the Māori world ever written, this is the sort of generous canvas on which we can paint our future.’ 

Sir Tipene O’Regan 

Editorial & Books

Fiona Pardington: A Beautiful Hesitation

Fiona Pardington’s thirty-year career encompasses many diverse approaches to photography. The challenge for this book for City Gallery Wellington and Victoria University Press was to create an identity and publication that honored her strident and unique vision. The title, A Beautiful Hesitation, provided the final direction – one that tapped into the rich romanticism of her practice. Each chapter begins with a feature page that brings together a title, quotation or image and unique pattern fashioned from typographic fleurons, which also feature on the endpapers and wrap around the book’s spine. This is the design’s romantic flourish.

The large format printed publication is accompanied by apps for iPad and smartphone that retain all of the printed book’s qualities and embellishments.